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Conical springs are basically compression springs coiled in increasing or decreasing outer diameters thus making its shape a cone or tapered one. These springs tend to reduce solid height and provide stability. Conical springs are also known as tapered springs or cone springs.



In the cases of compression and extension springs, the coils are compressed or extended linearly which creates a force that opposes that motion. Once the load is released from the spring it will oscillate linearly back and forth about its “relaxed” position. However, it will not oscillate forever as frictional forces cause a loss of kinetic energy, eventually causing the spring cease motion.



Torsion springs act differently than compression or extension springs. The coils of torsion spring appear to be fully compressed with straight ends of the coil sticking out on either side. When one end of the torsion spring is fixed and the other rotated, the coil begins to deform which creates a force opposing that rotation. 


Wire Forms

Wire forms are parts that are made by bending and shaping wire to specific lengths, shapes and angles. They can be made from various materials in wire sizes ranging from 0.15mm to 4.00mm.



An extension spring is a component that creates a resistance to a pulling force. Extension springs work by trying to pull two objects back together. The attached spring is pulled in opposite directions and the force and the stored energy to pull the two objects back together.



A flat spring ring split at one point so that it can be sprung open, passed over a shaft or spindle, and allowed to close into a closely fitting annular recess to form a collar on the shaft. A similar design can be closed to pass into a bore and allowed to spring out into an annular recess to form a shoulder in the bore.

Goss Springs produces over 365 million parts annually, including a variety of specialised spring types: compression, Extension/tension, Torsion, Conical, Barrel, Double torsion, Double conical, Bespoke wire shapes.

Capabilities include diameters from 0.1mm to 8mm and a wide range of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, non-ferrous alloys, nickel silver, silver, gold and the latest generation of thermos-bimetals.

Products are almost exclusively manufactured to customer specifications and range from a simple helical spring to  complex multistage pressings.

Goss Springs has expertise in manufacturing from a wide range of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, non ferrous alloys, nickel silver, silver, gold and the latest generation of thermo-bimetals.

Product quality is paramount. Goss Springs has worked hard to ensure quality systems development for the demands of the aerospace and automotive markets.

Goss Springs stands out as a supplier led by an ethos of quality manufacture. It is ISO9001:2008 accredited and has achieved ISO 9001:2015  and AS9100 Rev D Aerospace accreditation.


Everything Goss Springs produces is custom made and often developed by the customer in consultation with Goss Springs’ own design and technical advisory staff. Design work is often carried out in conjunction with a designated prototype workshop where customers can work alongside Goss Springs engineers if required.

​Design work can involve improving an existing part to extend product life or to reduce manufacturing costs. When involved at an early design stage, Goss Springs can advise on material properties, methods of manufacture, heat treatment and surface finishing. The end result is a robust component at the right price.

The choice of materials available includes annealed and pre-hardened carbon steel, stainless steel, non ferrous alloys, silver, nickel silver, gold together with the latest generation of thermo-bimetals and high nickel alloy for corrosive situations and environments.



Continuous investment in the latest manufacturing technologies, selected from leading machinery manufacturers from Europe, America and Japan means Goss Springs has a wide variety of equipment.  Machinery ranges from high speed presses to wire forming and spring machines which can coil, loop and load test without human intervention.

There is a variety of methods and processes available to our designers to achieve the most cost effective manufacturing route for each component.

For large volume items, Goss Springs offers fully automated production on multi-stage machine. There are also inexpensive hand operated machines for short runs or secondary operations where automation is not practical.

​Goss Springs makes components for a variety of companies including many household names. Its products are also used in high-tech microsurgery instruments, automotive and aircraft components.

As a solutions-oriented business, Goss Springs is just as likely to collaborate in the design as well as the manufacture of a part.

Its highly efficient QA system is more than adequate in most instances, but special QA procedures can be established to suit a customer’s particular requirements.  

Goss Springs takes great pride in ensuring its reputation for quality is maintained. The latest process control systems are used to monitor production and ensure that manufacturing tolerances are within specified limits. Batch sample testing or, where required, inspection of every piece, is carried out under controlled conditions by highly trained, experienced staff and using state of the art measuring equipment, including many instruments designed in-house. All inspection data is recorded and retained for future traceability.

Used in advanced microsurgery procedures, this tiny wireform is made in 0.025mm stainless steel with a gold plated section. Manufacture requires exceptional precision and each one is microscopically checked and tested.

This tiny wireform, made in 0.025mm stainless steel with a gold plated section, requires exceptional precision. Used in advanced microsurgery procedures, each one is microscopically checked and tested.



After initial manufacturing, parts move to the heat treatment section where automatically regulated furnaces and tempering ovens add the required degree of hardness. 

Components can be polished or surfaced with a variety of protective or plating finishes applied to the whole or specific areas of the component.

The precise finishing of the part will be specified at the design stage and based on the required performance and life expectancy of the part and the environment in which it will be used.

Goss Springs works with several NAMAS-approved laboratories for the testing of corrosion protection.



Goss Springs can provide a one-stop source for sub-assemblies such as switches and electrical contacts. It provides a range of services from simple hand assembly to the design of customised assembly presses, with specialised operator training where appropriate.

​Injection mouldings are produced in the in-house facility and Goss Springs can outsource other parts. Assembly is in-house to maintain rigorous quality standards.

​Increasingly, Goss Springs is helping customers integrate assembly as early as possible to reduce transport and handling costs while accelerating time to market.

​Post-assembly testing procedures are tailored to individual customer requirements.

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